Close Personal Protection (CPP)

Bodyguards and Talent Protection

MCS Close Personal ProtectionIntiga’s Close Personal Protection (CPP) division caters for the protection of individuals and assets in any required situation or circumstance.

This includes individual protection of your family, home or assets, protection of individuals during legal proceedings and the protection of high profile celebrities, sports stars and dignitaries visiting Perth.

Our protection services are completely adaptable depending on your needs, with the options of highly visible guards in uniform, to low key officers in the background with non-authoritative plain-clothes style uniforms, suits or casual clothes as and when required.

All of Intiga’s CPP officers are licensed by the WA Police and hold current police clearance and senior first-aid certificates. Our personnel are professional and adaptable individuals who have the ability to think on their feet. They are skilled in effective communication and conflict resolution should the need arise. Our team have the skills, training and experience to adapt to client requirements and the ability to make decisions and take control when required. They are trained to deliberate and negotiate, rather than escalate.

When working with celebrities and media personalities we have a keen understanding that these individuals have a brand image to maintain, and that contact with fans and media is a vital part of their work. We will always consult closely with the principal and their agents or representatives to create a tailored plan that will satisfy any media or fan requirements without compromising the safety and security of the individuals.

MCS Close Personal Protection

We are also able to provide a complete range of services to assess, sanitize and secure venues or residences prior to guest arrival, as well as officers trained in surveillance and counter-surveillance to ensure complete privacy and peace of mind.

Relevant Experience

Executive Protection

  • Workplace Protection
  • Family/Home Protection
  • Social Protection
  • AGM’s/Shareholder Meetings
  • Site Visits (domestic and overseas)

Legal Protection

  • Witness Protection
  • Witness Family Protection
  • Defendant Protection
  • Defendant Family Protection

High Profile Celebrity/Talent Protection

  • TV/Media Personalities
  • Musical Entertainment Stars
  • Theatrical & Cinema Stars
  • Elite Athletes- Major Sporting Codes: AFL, Rugby, Soccer
  • International Tennis and Golf players

Please Note: Due to the sensitive and high profile nature of CPP work, as well as our commitments to ongoing relationships, Intiga will only disclose a small selection of named clients, and only with their approval:

  • Human Nature
  • Celtic FC
  • Hamish and Andy
  • Channel 7 Media (various)