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Protection, Safety and Customer-First Service

MCS Security provides our well-practised security solutions to numerous sectors across the Perth metropolitan area, regional Western Australia and beyond     

  • We are a leading security provider in Western Australia;
  • We service an expanding range of sectors but are clear industry leaders in security provision to the Retail sector, Health Care, Concierge / Office, Events and Alarms / CCTV Systems sectors;
  • We secure high-profile premises across WA, including:
    • major shopping centre portfolios across WA;
    • major hospitals;
    • the iconic Perth sports stadium;
    • numerous CBD office buildings
    • mine sites and industrial premises;
  • Our unwavering goal is to exceed client expectations by selecting the right people for each role, having them well-trained, supervised and supported;
  • Our clients benefit from regular interaction with our roving Operations Managers and immediate access to our Support Systems and management team. Our entire business operates from Perth, including our support service operating 24/7, 365 days a year;
  • Our management, OHS, and Environmental processes are ISO-certified.

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Quality Assurance

At MCS Security, we go above and beyond to surpass client expectations with our highly selective recruitment, intensive training, and experienced management team.

MCS security is ISO certified:
     – 9001 Quality Management
     – 14001 Environmental Management
     – 45001 OHS Management

We take immense pride in the quality of our dedicated staff, who exemplify professionalism in and out of uniform, reflecting our company’s core values. Each security guard prioritises customer service, ensuring every client and their customers receive exceptional support.

With extensive training in various crucial areas, our team is equipped to meet all your security needs, including security management, incident reporting, customer service, first aid, surveillance, risk analysis, and much more. At MCS Security, we are committed to delivering the highest service standard, ensuring our valued client’s safety and satisfaction.

Our employees undergo extensive training in these areas to guarantee exceptional service for all your security needs:

  • Security Management
  • Incident and report writing
  • Public relations
  • Customer service
  • First aid
  • Security alarm systems operation
  • Court procedures
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Radio procedures
  • Fire protection
  • Risk analysis
  • Surveillance
  • Bag and vehicle search procedures
  • Crime scene management and protection

Our CSR Commitment 

Corporate Social Responsibility

At MCS Security, we recognise our crucial role in the communities we serve, and we know that our responsibility extends far beyond the services we deliver. It means taking account of our social, economic and environmental impact and considering human rights throughout all areas of our business and all stages of contract delivery. 

Our CSR initiatives are not limited to corporate-level activities: MCS has been working with 11Eleven Consulting. This specialist ethical business consultancy group provides advice and guidance to help us maximise the benefits we can deliver to the community. An ongoing initiative with 11Eleven delivers “cultural and disability awareness” training to our frontline teams, ensuring they have the tools and skills to deal with all community members with care and respect.

Your security is our priority 

For reliable and comprehensive security services in Perth, reach out to MCS Security. We ensure the utmost protection and peace of mind.  

Your security is our priority 

For reliable and comprehensive security services in Perth, reach out to MCS Security. We ensure the utmost protection and peace of mind.  

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