Healthcare Security

MCS Health Care Security Officers provide an extremely effective deterrent to safeguard your staff, patients and site and assets against violence, trespass, vandalism and theft, and are trained to be the eyes and ears of the facility management team.

Services Provided

  • Uniformed static guards in:
    • A&E
    • psychiatric wards
    • juvenile wards (esp drug dependency)
    • general wards as required
    • ad-hoc, including burial movements
  • Vehicle and foot patrols,
  • Gate-house staffing,
  • Site access control and contractor access management,
  • Traffic and parking controllers,
  • Site lock-up and unlock,
  • CCTV monitoring, control room duties,
  • Security and risk assessments,
  • Staff are trained in dealing with drug and alcohol affected persons.

Exceeding Client Expectations
Focused on providing the best security guards and crowd controllers in the industry